How to Damage Your MacBook Charge Cables


MacBook Cable_1

We saw this one pop up last week, but we didn’t post it, because we thought it was a bad idea. Turns out that it is a bad idea.

Below, (photo credit: Wired) is the wrong way to wrap your cable. The reason is that it puts unnecessary stress on the part of the cable where it meets the power brick. Eventually, over several months of wrapping and unwrapping the cable, it can start to give out.

MacBook Cable_2

As Wired puts it, this may not save space in your laptop bag, but it will definitely save your cable. Being a cat owner, I know that these things can be very expensive to replace. Oh do I know it.

It’s best to wrap it in such a way that doesn’t bend the cable too tight. Especially around the part where it meets the power brick.


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