How to Jailbreak iOS 7 with Evasi0n



You can now jailbreak iOS 7. Here’s how to do it. Be warned, there is some concern over the release. You can read about it here. Please do. If that doesn’t deter you, go ahead and read below.

Before continuing with this (or any jailbreak) please, please back up your iPhone or iPad. You want to have a safe point to restore from if you need to.

1) First, you will want to download Evasi0n.

2) Launch the Evasi0n tool.

4) Connect your iOS device to your computer via USB. You will need to disable the passcode lock (You can turn it back on after the jb). Some guides also suggest turning on Airplane mode so that automatic updates don’t interfere with the process.

–  General > Passcode Lock > Turn Passcode Off

5) On the Evasion App, which is running on your computer, click “Jailbreak.”

6) This next process will take a few minutes. Sit tight.

7) You’ll get a prompt to open a jailbreak app on your iOS device. Unlock your device and tap that JB app icon. The jailbreak will install, and your device will reboot a couple of times.

8) When the jailbreak is installed, you will see your lockscreen again.

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