IK Multimedia iRig Pro Hands-on (Review)


iRig Pro

IK Multimedia makes a handful of audio interfaces for iOS devices, but the iRig Pro is by far the most versatile we’ve used. It offers an instrument and microphone input (with +48v Phantom power) for audio. Also built into the unit is a MIDI in.

The iRig Pro is a successor to the iRig HD, which was a follow-up to the iRig stomp. We’ve always liked having the ability to plug our guitars and instruments into our iPad or iPhone and play them. It’s useful for recording (directly into the iPad where you can add/change effects later) or live situations (using apps such as AmpliTube into a PA) … or “live” recording (using apps and recording distorted/effected signal into a computer DAW). The addition of a MIDI in now means we can record MIDI data or use iPad and iPhone-based synth apps in live settings with a physical keyboard.

The iRig Pro has a dial that lets the user adjust the gain of their instruments. This means you can set the level of the signal you want going into the DAW or software so that it doesn’t clip. Often times, some instruments have higher gain levels than others, and they differ from those of microphones. If you are recording with a more sensitive mic or if you are doing louder, screaming vocals, you may have to turn the gain down to keep your signal from clipping and distorting in not-so-pretty ways. It’s a welcomed addition to the iRig interface. It allows for more versatility.

The iRig Pro is powered by a 9-volt battery, but we’ve been using it for a couple of weeks (on and off) and haven’t had to replace it yet. We don’t imagine it will die on us very fast, but we’ll keep a new one around as a backup.

The iRig Pro is an idea solution for someone looking for a portable audio interface for their iOS device. It will even work with your Mac if you use the included USB cable. This opens up some serious possibilities when recording vocals. You can (if you aren’t the shy type) take the setup outside and sing there, or try it in the bathroom for a natural reverb or in a packed closet to dampen the sound a bit.

You can check out the iRig Pro here: IK Multimedia



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