iOS 7 Evasion Jailbreak Launch is a Complete Mess

Saurik TaiG

It’s finally possible to jailbreak iOS 7. Thanks to the Evasion team and its new Evasi0n jailbreak. Unfortunately, it’s a total nightmare for anyone involved and everyone who wants to just install the jailbreak and get started.

It’s worth noting that some are reporting weirdness with this jailbreak. According to website Lifehacker, it may be best to hold off for now. “there’s been a lot of talk about some fishy behavior on the part of the Evasi0n team and their software. At best, it’s just very buddy, and at worst, it may be sending private user data to another site.”

We can’t find much on that said private data, but there seems to be a mess of controversy over the release. It launched with no real warning or testing. Also, it includes TaiG on the install. TaiG is Chinese app that has been known to allow app piracy. However, pod2g, tweeted that the install has since been disabled. Either way, We are going to hold off on installing on our own system. If that doesn’t deter you, you can read our guide here.

We’re not sure what to make of that, but there is an ongoing Reddit thread for anyone wanting to follow the latest information.


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