Kindle’s Black Friday Sales Are The Highest Yet

Kindle HDX

Amazon’s Kindle line is seeing its best Black Friday ever. According to the online retailer, the entire product line broke its own sales record for the third year in a row. That’s more than 2011 and more than 2012.

The bad news is that for some reason, Amazon doesn’t reveal sales numbers for Kindles. It’s not clear why, because it’s obviously seeing some kind of success. That said, the Kindle Fire is the only tablet that we tend to hear about on a regular basis aside from the iPad. Much of that probably has to do with Amazon’s online store being very solid.

Website CultofAndroid also points out that the Kindle Fire HDX and the Kindle Fire HD were Amazon’s two best-sellers over the Black Friday weekend. In other words, Amazon, and it’s shareholders, are probably very happy.


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