Matrix Audio Qube² Hands-on (Review)


We had some time with Qube² by Matrix Audio. It’s a a stereo Bluetooth speaker with an awesome build.

The Qube² is a small rectangular speaker that measures about 1.5  x 1.5 x 3.25. Like Matrix Audio’s Qube, it’s small and easy to carry around. The cool thing is that this one has Bluetooth capabilities, which means it doesn’t have to be right next to your device to play music from it.

The speakers are loud for the size. They’re much louder than your iPhone’s speakers. If you turn your device’s volume all the way up, the Qube² will definitely fill your bedroom or office with music. For the average listener will find the audio quality acceptable. It’s not going to deliver the sound of some $200 speakers, but would you really expect that from two 1-inch cones?

As with the original Qube, the construction is solid. It’s aluminum, and it’s built to last. You shouldn’t have to worry about breaking it with normal use. Even the included clip is made of metal, so it won’t be breaking very easily when you carry it around.

That said, there is a bit left to be desired here. While the speaker works very well for use around home or while sitting around a campfire with friends, it seems to drop connection rather easily. It won’t give you problems if there is nothing obstructing it from the iPhone, but if you, for instance, have the iPhone in your pocket and the speaker hanging on your backpack, you may hear some drops in connection. This may not be totally acceptable for some users, but is good enough if you just want to put it on the nightstand while you lie in bed.

Matrix Audio has also included a cable with a micro-USB/USB connection and headphone connection. This means you can plug it into any device with a headphone jack, be it your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android device, Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita.

Also included is a little carry pouch. You can take it with you wherever you go and quickly unpack it for listening. If you plan to keep it fairly stationary, you shouldn’t have a problem with the Bluetooth connection.

You can check it out here.

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