New Patent Application describes Siri Photo Search

Siri Photo search

Apple’s latest patent application shows a new Siri photo search. It could make for a much easier way to look through the pictures on your iPhone.

The idea is simple. You can snap a photo and say something along the lines of “This is me and Mom at Disney World.” Siri will tag the photo accordingly. Later, you can do a search like “Find all photos at Disney World” or “Find all pictures of Mom.” Siri will narrow down the pictures on your iPhone and show you the ones of you and your mother, or whatever else you searched.

This is a cool idea, because cameras store thousands of pictures these days, and it becomes hard to keep track of them all. We have photos from two or three years ago, and sometimes finding certain ones can be a bit tough.

This would be a cool function if integrated.

[via MacRumors]

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