OlloClip Macro 3-in-1 Lens Hands-on (Review)


We all take photos with our iPhones, but it’s not exactly built for close-up shots that require you to capture fine details. OlloClip’s Macro 3-in-1 photo lens. The model we used is compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

It has three separate lenses that you can quickly change out to suit your needs. We tried it out on a few things and were pleasantly surprised with the results. The pictures turned out clearer than we’d originally anticipated.

Each of the three lenses offers its own setting. Depending on your subject, you can switch out and capture with the image you think best suits your photo.

The 7X Macro is the lowest magnification setting. It gives you a closeup look, but lets you see some of the surrounding detail in your photo. You can see it below.

Olloclip 7x

Portions that are out of focus blur slightly, but that blur tends to look good when you are capturing a small object, such as an insect on a flower. You use it by removing the 14x Macro.


The next lens is the 14x Macro. It’s a mid-level magnification lens. Things appear closer, and you can catch some minor details.




By attaching the 21x Macro to the 14x, you can get 21x the magnification. This brings out many more details. Small, barely noticeable parts of an object become clear.

OlloClip 21x


While many may want to use the 3-in-1 iPhone Macro Lens for shooting close-up shots of insects and nature, we found it quite fun to go around snapping photos of different objects anywhere and everywhere. We loved using the 21x Macro, just because it let us take closeup looks at everyday objects.

You can take a look at the OlloClip 3-in-1 iPhone Macro Lens here.

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