PureGear’s PureTech Roll-on Kit Ensures Perfect Application of Screen Protectors

PureGear roller

Some folks like screen protectors, others don’t. We personally aren’t fans of most, but some folks would rather know that their iPhone screen is safe from scratches. That’s awesome, but then you have the problem of putting it on your iPhone.

That’s what’s cool about PureGear’s solution. They sell roll-on tools with their protectors.

Basically, you snap the iPhone in, and roll on the screen protector. Their claim is that it will get the protector on your screen with no bubbles or other problems. That’s pretty cool if it can. It’s always hard to get them in perfect alignment, and with no bubbles or dust particles trapped underneath.

Here are some details on the individual protectors:

  • Fastest error-free application tray ensures perfect alignment
  • Instant bubble-free appearance
  • Case friendly fit
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Antibacterial: Prevents bacterial growth on screen shield + HD clear
  • Anti-fingerprint: Smooth crystal clear finish resists fingerprints + HD clear
  • Antiglare: Allows screen viewing in bright conditions


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