Pyle Introduces Bluetooth Fitness Scale

Pyle Scale

Pyle Audio today announced the Pyle Bluetooth Fitness Scale. Because weight isn’t the only important thing to watch when keeping fit, this scale also measures body fat percentage, hydration levels, muscle level and bone level percentages.

Here’s a portion of the press release:

The stylish, modern design features a tempered glass surface to effectively distribute weight evenly across the scale. The Bluetooth Fitness Scale provides high-quality, accurate results in customizable measurements (pounds, kilograms, or stones).

Utilizing Bluetooth Smart technology, the scale wirelessly sends data to your mobile device and combines with the free Pyle Health Fitness Tracker app to create user profiles and chart progress. Workout data can be shared online via Facebook and Twitter or kept password- protected for private tracking. The Pyle Tracker app is compatible with iOS 5, Android 4.3 and later devices.

The scale can store data for 10 different individuals, while the large LCD display shows critical data information and the current user profile selected. According to Abe Brach of Pyle Audio, “Our new Bluetooth Fitness Scale combined with our Health Fitness Tracker allows you to set fitness goals and monitor your progress in a safe and effective way. With the ability to measure all aspects of the body’s health was the main goal in development.”

The Bluetooth Fitness Scale from Pyle Audio is available in black, grey, green, pink or orange for $59.99 at


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