Report: Nearly 50 Percent of iPhone 5C Buyers Are Switching From Android

iPhone 5C

According to a report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, almost half of the people buying iPhone 5C handsets are those making the switch from Android. Most of them are switching from Samsung and LG phones, says the report.

Many of those picking up the iPhone 5C are actually a bit older than expected. The average age was 38. That’s interesting because it seemed almost marketed at younger users, such as those in high school or college who may want something a bit more colorful or loud.

iPhone 5S users average out at about 34, and 80 percent of them already owned an iPhone before making the upgrade. That kind of makes sense, because the iPhone 5C does seem like an introductory model at a friendlier price. Some folks wanting to try Apple’s handset and making the switch may want to try the iPhone 5C. However, those who already owned an iPhone and may be fans of Apple products are probably more likely to want the iPhone with the latest specs and features.

[Via MacLife]

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