Report: The iPad is Black Friday’s Big Seller

BlackFriday Sales

According to a recent report from analytics firm InfoScout, the iPad Air and iPad mini were two of Black Friday’s most popular items.

They noted that after checking out several purchases made at Target and Walmart stores, the iPad Air (16GB), iPad mini (16GB) and iPad Air (32GB) were three of the biggest sellers. In fact, at Target, Apple products made up 22 percent of merchandise sold at Target on Black Friday with iPads making up about 18 percent of Targets total sales that day.

That’s an impressive number with the 16GB iPad Air and iPad mini making up most of the sales. They were so high that everything else sold doesn’t seem to come close. Also worth noting, outside of the Xbox One and a Samsung 50-inch TV, the iPads are some of the priciest things on the list.

[via VentureBeat]

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