Rumor Time: Amazon 3D Kindle Smartphone Coming in Early 2014


Let’s put this out there first: when we hear an Apple rumor from DigiTimes, we always have our doubts. Let’s see how DigiTimes does with Amazon rumors. This time it’s a Kindle smartphone.

Most interesting is that the rumor claims it will have a glasses-free 3D screen. That’s cool and all, but it seems to us that the 3D thing has come and gone for the most part, and never quite made it.

That said, the rumor claims that Amazon has a deal going on with Primax Electronics for compact camera modules (CCMs) for the new smartphone. The reason for these camera modules is that it will supposedly track a user’s head movement in 3D space. The screen will adjust to keep the 3D effect.

It’s quite a claim. The whole 3D revolution didn’t exactly happen. We will see where this rumor goes.

[via CultofAndroid]

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