Scammers Trying to Snatch Your Credit Card Info With Apple ID Login

phishing email

The email above is an attempt at phishing. They use a legitimate looking email and fake site to try to trick users into giving up their personal information.

Below is the email in its entirety:

Apple <>
Dear Client,

This is an automatic message by the system to let you know that you have to confirm your account information within 48 hours. Your account has been frozen t emporarily in order to protect it.

The account will continue to be frozen until it is approved And Validate Your Account Information.
Once you have updated your account records, your information will be confirmed and your account will start to work as normal once again.

This will help protect you in the future. The process does not take more than 3 minutes.

To proceed to confirm your account information please click on the link below and follow the instructions that will be required.

Verify Now >

For more information, see our frequently asked questions.

Apple Customer Support

It will take you to a fake URL, as shown below:

fake URL


Note how Apple’s website always shows up as



It will ask you to enter personal information in hopes of tricking you into handing it over:

fake site


Interestingly, Apple is apparently based in Ireland, according to the bottom of the email:

TM and copyright © 2013 Apple Inc. Apple Sales International, Hollyhill Industrial Estate, Cork, Ireland. Company Registration number: 15719. VAT number: IE6554690W.
All Rights Reserved / Keep Informed / Privacy Policy / My Apple ID

If you would prefer not to receive commercial email from Apple, or if you have changed your email address, please click here.

The best thing to do is report the email, the address and the URL to Apple.


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