Someone Builds a PC Comparable to the Mac Pro, Here’s How Much it Costs


The Mac Pro is an expensive piece of hardware. There’s no denying that. However, someone tried to build a computer comparable to a maxed-out Mac Pro ($9,600).

This means building a computer with similar specs and a similarly small footprint. The result? Well, it’s expensive:

After tabulating all the major component costs (plus another $99.99 US for Windows 8 Pro), we are at a total of around $11,530.54 US using today’s prices at retailers that actually stock the hardware. I’m not afraid to admit that compared to the asking price of $9,599 US, the new Mac Pro seems like one heckuva deal for these components. Everything is tested to work properly together (versus some of our unknown incompatibilities with this potential build), and a highly proprietary design that is small enough to fit into a carry on bag, with twice the amount of registered memory (32GB vs 64GB ECC). You simply can’t build a smaller form factor PC that matches the Mac Pro today.

However, they do go on to say that there are ways to build your own PC at a better value. They mention certain components that could cost less:

With the choice of components and hardware, we don’t need to buy $3400 AMD FirePro graphics cards. In fact, as we mentioned, NVIDIA’s Quadro options may be a better fit for Windows applications (at nearly half the price). And if you’re using applications that can be accelerated using consumer GPUs (like Adobe Creative Suite), then you save even more with high end cards costing less than a $1000 each (the GTX 780Ti comes to mind). You also don’t need to have more expensive ECC memory or Xeon CPUs. A six core Core i7 with an overclock might very well be faster and easy to achieve with great software that comes with motherboards these days. We can even have Thunderbolt 2 on the latest boards.

Either way, it’s interesting to read. You can check it out at FutureLooks.


[via TUAW]

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