Survey: iMac is the “Most Desirable” Desktop Computer in the US


The iMac, according to a report by analysts Park Associates, is the most desirable desktop in the US.

That’s not much of a surprise given the popularity of Apple thanks to devices like the iPhone and the iPad, which seem to serve as kind of a gateway to Apple’s other products (which is basically what Apple wants.) That said, Apple is only now grabbing those top spots. While it’s notebooks have always scored well at this sort of thing, it was never known for its desktops. That’s changing. Apple’s iMac has surpassed Dell.

Interestingly, Apple has placed in the top category amongst all the major media devices.


1. Apple
2. Dell
3. HP
4. Acer
5. Asus



1. Apple
2. Amazon (Kindle)
3. Samsung
4. Microsoft (Surface)
5. Acer


Streaming boxes:

1. Apple TV
2. Roku
3. Buffalo
4. D-Link (Boxee Box)

See? Apple’s doing okay.

[Via CultofMac]

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