The Guy Behind the iPhone 4 Antenna Song Reminisces

Jobs dance

Remember the “antennagate” press conference? You can check it out here.

Back around July 2010, shortly after the release of the iPhone 4, the big antennagate scandal came to light. Okay, really, it wasn’t much. Some people were experiencing problems with their iPhone 4. If they held it a certain way, it seemed to attenuate the signal. Some people seemed to have the problem, others didn’t.

Either way, it was all over the place, and Apple had to hold a special press conference to address the issue. Before the conference, they showed an amusing music video (it’s available in the video link above). It was from a guy named Jonathan Mann. He wrote a song about the iPhone 4, and it was something to the effect of: This is the iPhone 4, it’s not perfect. If you don’t like it don’t buy it, and get over it.

It was funny, and Apple contacted him to use it. You can even see that early in the video, Steve Jobs walked along bobbing and dancing to the song.

You can read it here.

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