Thyme for iPhone Keeps Track of All Your Stove’s Burners and Oven

Thyme App

Thyme is going to be our new favorite kitchen app. It’s a free app for those who cook, but need to keep track of multiple burners and the oven.

We actually tried it out for the first time today and used two burners at once. Sure, it wasn’t anything that would have been very difficult otherwise, but it was a nice time to try the app out. However, once you start adding 3-4 burners and an oven and have to keep track of each, it can get a bit tough. Thyme makes it much easier.

Here’s a description:

THYME – Fine dining needs fine timing.

Thyme is the perfect utility for successful home cooking.
It’s an easy-to-use multitimer for tracking several cooking times simultaneously.

The intuitive user interface let’s you focus on your cooking with control and perfect timing.

Bon App-étit!



[Via CultofMac]

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