What do iPhones Cost Throughout Different Parts of the World? Find Out Here

iPhone Cost Map

The folks at MobileUnlocked have put together a map that shows iPhone 5S prices around the world.

That said, the prices, according to TUAW, are broken down by each country’s GDP, which helps give a sense of how much an iPhone costs weighed against their buying power.

Here’s a portion of the description:

“The iPhone 5S price index we’ve created shows the relationship between the price of the phone and the national GDP (PPP) per capita for all countries where it is available. The map below gives a quick glimpse into where the phone is the most expensive (or cheapest) for people based on their average GDP. China is currently the most expensive with the iPhone 5S price being 9.55% of the average GDP. Whereas the USA, Apple’s home country, is the cheapest, standing at just 1.15%. “

It’s interesting to look at.

You can see it below.


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