What Was Jony Ive’s First Ever Design Project At Apple?

Apple MessagePad

Jony Ive is Apple’s lead design guy. He’s in charge of the design for all of Apple’s products. His design sense even went into iOS 7.

However, it’s interesting to look back as his past as a designer. What did Jony Ive do when he first arrived at Apple? Well, his first ever product design was for the Apple MessagePad 110.

Here’s a portion of the report:

“I insisted the lid fold up and over the top, like a stenographer’s notepad, which everyone understands … The stored pen at the top where a stenographer’s notepad’s spiral binding would be, made the right connection,” said Ive. He thought the original Newton was too foreign, so he tried to make the Lindy more relatable.

He was doing this long before Steve Jobs was back in the picture. Eventually, Jobs came back. He and Ive just clicked.

[via TUAW]

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