Apple’s 30 Years of Mac Page Shares Interesting Statistics

first Mac

If you go to Apple’s special page set up for ’30 Years of Mac – Your First Mac,’ you can see which computers were users’ first Macs.

Most of the users answering the poll started with early models, such as the Macintosh 512K (1984) and the Macintosh SE (1987). However, The MacBook Pro is quickly becoming the first Mac for many people, and those folks bought theirs around 2011.

You can also answer what you used it for, and see the results. The cool thing about that timeline is that it’s interactive. You can scroll through the years and see how uses for computers have changed over the years. Education has always been a big part of using the Mac, but it’s interesting to see how internet and email grew throughout the years, or how graphic design and web design also changed over time.


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