Box for iPhone and iPad Offers 50GB Free Storage

Box app

Box for iPhone is updated and redesigned. It also comes with 50GB of free storage (likely designed to sway DropBox users into using Box). It’s a similar service, and for 50GB, it’s hard not to want to pass it up.

That said, we’ve read that there are some limitations that make it undesirable to some. For instance, it has a maximum file upload size of 250MB. That’s fine for pictures and stuff, but it won’t do very well for larger files, such as video.

For most, that may be fine. However, if you are an enterprise user, or you do extensive video or graphics work, you will want something a bit more versatile.

Either way, it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a way to store files on the cloud.

You can download Box from the App Store:



[via Gizmodo]

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