BubbleBomber RC Helicopter Hands-On (Review)


Here at iSmashPhone we are rans of RC toys. We’ve checked out a few RC cars, and we always have fun with them. This time we checked out an RC helicopter called the BubbleBomber by Swann. It’s a small toy helicopter with a reservoir that allows it to shoot bubbles.

It’s a small, blue helicopter with red and blue police lights and a very bright front LED that I’ve managed to accidentally shine in my face on more than one occasion while trying to gain control of the helicopter. So far, we’ve been only mildly successful at flying this thing. It takes very subtle, controlled movements. Overdoing it, even slightly, can throw the poor little chopper completely off course and into a bookshelf or cat (Sorry again, Bruce.).

That brings us into controlling the thing. The remote should be somewhat familiar to any gamer. It has a familiar design, and the layout won’t be foreign to anyone who’s played some Xbox or PlayStation. It’s a twinstick setup. That means it has two thumbsticks. One will only move up or down. Up spins the main rotors. The higher you push on the stick, the faster they spin, bringing the helicopter up. Pushing it back down slows them down, so that you can land it. It’s actually much harder to do than it sounds, because the slightest movements can make this little dude change altitude rather drastically. It takes a while to get a feel for it.

The other stick moves in any direction you push it. It controls the tail rotor (steering). You can turn left or right and move forward and backward. This also takes a little getting used to. You won’t be a master pilot the first time you fly. Expect to crash. A lot. Luckily, it seems pretty durable so far. Well, more durable than it looks at first. That said, it comes with extra rotor blades.

The BubbleBomber also has some cool blue and red police lights and a front light. You control these with the “Light” button on the remote. They are pretty bright, but they look cool when it’s in the air.

The reservoir holds a small amount of liquid for bubbles (Is there a name for that stuff?). There is a bubble button that activates it and shoots bubbles out of the back of the helicopter. They aren’t exactly bombs, but it’s a cute idea, and it made 29-year-old me giggle like a pre-schooler when I pressed the bubble button.

It also comes with a landing pad. It’s really a small printout on thicker card stock of a helipad, but it has a points system: 10 pts for landing in the center, 5 pts for landing slightly off-target and 2 pts for being way off the mark. Actually, it’s really hard to do. We’ll keep practicing.

It’s a cute gift for a kid, maybe even an adult. In fact, we’d venture to say it’s best for the big kid in the house. The battery life may not be long enough for an 8-year-old, and the controls may take a little more dexterity than a small child can accomplish, but a geek dad would get a kick out of for a few minutes at a time.

You can check out the BubbleBomber, and several other RC helicopters here: Swann


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