Cool Portrait of Steve Jobs Made of Computer Keys

Steve Jobs Computer Keys



Above is a portrait of Steve Jobs made entirely of computer keys. It’s a work by artist Doug Powell. He specializes in mosaics, and gathered 5,892 keys to build this.

According to Huffpost, he gathered keys from old keyboards in garage sales, Craigslist and anywhere else he could find discarded keyboards.

Here’s a portion of the story:

Before putting the Jobs portrait together, Powell hosed down each keyboard, pried off each key and then ground the post off the back of the keys.

After sorting the keys by color — black, brown, gray, yellow and shades of off-white, Powell got to work, starting with the eyes and working his way up and out from there.

The keys are also arranged to mean something. They spell words that are significant to Jobs’ life: Apple, Pixar, etc. They also spell out quotes by the late Apple CEO.

Very cool. Ripley’s Believe it or Not! has acquired it. Let’s hope we can see it on display soon.


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