Report: Snapchat Has Known About Vulnerability Since August


This isn’t good news for Snapcat. As it is, Snapchat’s servers have been breached, and hackers were able to grab 4.6 million user phone numbers.

Snapchat DB posted the numbers on New Year’s Eve. This is all worsened because founder Evan Spiegel had reportedly ignored warnings that the service had some security vulnerabilities.

According to the report, this security loophole  something that Snapchat has known about since August 2013 when Gibson Security warned as much.

That said, while we can’t know the real intent behind the breach, the hackers claim that this wasn’t done for malicious reasons (Grey Hat hackers explained in more detail here). Rather, it was done to raise awareness. The numbers published were done so without the last digit, and usernames were incomplete.

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