Rumor: Apple Facing Challenges With iWatch Production


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Somehow, these DigiTimes articles keep coming up and being reported. Most of the time, DigiTimes is wrong, so let’s just get that out of the way. If anything, we just want our readers to know that there are all kinds of rumors floating around, and it’s not good to believe everything that’s out there.

Okay, what we do know is that several outlets, even credible ones, have mentioned that Apple is working on a watch or something similar. It isn’t clear how true or accurate these rumors are, but they come from multiple sources.

DigiTimes now claims that Apple is having manufacturing problems with the watch and it will be pushed back into the second half of the year. It has something to do with body finish treatments.

However, we don’t have a timeframe for a release. Apple can release it whenever it wants. The problem with rumors like this one is that they can be “right” either way. If Apple doesn’t release an iWatch, it’s easy to say that it was a project in the works, but never happened. If it does, and it’s early this year, DigiTimes can say Apple managed to fix manufacturing problems. If it happens during the second half of the year, which is the safest bet given Apple’s product cycle, it’s easy to say, “See? We told you so.”

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