Rumor: iPad Pro Coming. Features Eye-Tracking

iPad Air

This is another rumor from the world of iOS devices. According to reports, the next iPad, or iPad Pro, will have a larger screen with a higher, 2K resolution screen.

The most interesting part of the rumor, however, is that it may feature eye-tracking. That’s a little tough to believe at this point, but for a while it didn’t seem like the successor to the iPhone 5 would feature a fingerprint scanner.

If rumors are accurate, this will be a 12.9-inch tablet. It will arrive next fall alongside the other iPads. Apple may push for a Winter 2014 or Summer 2015 release. The rumors also claim that Apple will leave behind the Retina display in favor of 2K and 4K in the coming years.

Well, not much we can do now, but wait to see what happens.

[via CultofMac]

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