Apple, and Everyone, Hates Patent Trolls

patent lawsuit

Patent trolls are an enemy to the advancement of technology. Apple and Google are trying to put a stop to these patent trolls.

According to recent filings by Apple (acquired by Ars Technica) the Cupertino tech giant is a huge target for patent trolls. The iPhone maker says, “Apple has litigated against PAEs 92 times in the past three years alone and has received many more demands.”

A major problem is that Apple must pay these legal fees, even if it wins the case. That can get expensive when you have 100 patent trolls coming after you every week. Apple also took a shot at Lodys, another infamous patent troll. However, Lodsys attacked app makers. These app makers are usually smaller companies, and often consist of anywhere from an individual to two or three people building their own games on their off time. They don’t tend to have the deep pockets that Apple has, and have to bow to the patent trolls legal threats.

As we learned last week, Apple and Google, along with other tech firms, are trying to put an end to this.

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