Apple Discontinues Snow Leopard Support


It’s had a good run, but OS X Snow Leopard is no longer receiving updates. Apple has discontinued its support. That’s not really a surprise. After all, the operating system is almost five years old, and OS X Mavericks, which works on a good portion of modern Macs (a friend with a white 2008 MacBook installed it) is a free download.

If you’re still on Snow Leopard, you may want to check out Mavericks, and do it on a separate partition. If for any reason your Mac doesn’t support it, that’s fine. I keep Snow Leopard on a partition in my 2010 MacBook Air because of software compatibility. It supports Rosetta, which makes it possible to use some older, but useful, apps.

According to website TUAW, there is some good news for Snow Leopard users. The “gotofail” bug we’ve heard so much about isn’t an issue with this OS.


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