Apple, Google and 13 Others Want Supreme Court to Shove Off Patent Trolls


Apple, along with Google and 13 other tech companies want it to be easier to recoup attorney fees from patent lawsuits.

Patent trolls are horrible. They cost everybody a bunch of money, and accomplish nothing.

Patent trolls sit on a bunch of patents that they will never use and sue large tech companies in order to claim money for damages. The troll tends to win in some way because they: 1) Usually end up taking a settlement sum 2) license the patent 3) win the case

Most of the time companies would rather settle out of court. At least that’s what we see a lot of. It’s more of a “Here, take the money and shut up. We don’t feel like dealing with it.”

Apple and Google want this sort of thing to stop. They have gone to the Supreme Court and said that this sort of thing needs to stop.

[via TUAW]

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