Apple Inadvertently Helped WhatsApp Become What it Is


There are interesting stories circulating about WhatsApp right now. Ever since Facebook picked it up for a whopping $19 billion. Right now, we’re hearing stories about how Apple accidentally helped the developers of WhatsApp find their direction.

It’s a bit detailed, but the basic idea is that Apple introduced iOS 3 (after the makers of WhatsApp were ready to call it quits). iOS 3 brought push notifications, and the developers decided to create some sort of app that notified friends in your network of things such as “Can’t talk. I’m at work,” etc. Somehow, out of all that, it started to become a chat/messaging service.

It’s pretty cool to see how that happened. It’s nice to hear stories of folks working hard to build something that’s ultimately a success. WhatsApp is definitely one of those.

[via CultofMac]

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