Apple is Expanding its Two-Step Verification Process to More Countries

twostep verification

Apple’s two-step verification process is expanding its two-step verification process to more countries.

It’s just an extra safeguard to protect against theft or unauthorized purchases. Users must log into their Apple ID account and enter a four-digit code that’s sent to a trusted device, such as their iPhone.

This isn’t something you’ll have to do every time you make a purchase, but it will add an extra safety net for those who have an Apple ID.

Here’s some information form Apple’s website:

When you sign up for two-step verification for your Apple ID, you can choose an SMS-capable phone number to receive text messages that provide the temporary verification codes Apple uses to verify your identity.

Note: Apple recommends that you have at least one verified SMS-capable phone number.

You can view a full list of countries and supported carriers here.

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