Here’s Another iOS Bug — It Makes it Possible to Track Screen Touches

iPhone 5S

It seems we’re coming across a lot of these lately. This latest bug makes it possible to track screen inputs.

FireEye works discovered the bug, which works on non-jailbroken iOS devices running iOS 7.0.4, 7.0.5 and  7.0.6. It also works on versions of 6.1, according to a report from CultofMac.

It can capture button presses (Home Button,  volume, etc.) and screen inputs. By logging the X and Y coordinates of a touch, it can make it very easy for someone to figure out which keys the user has been tapping.

According to the report, FireEye has been working alongside Apple to create a proof-of-concept app to exploit this vulnerability. That’s the good news. Apple should be well aware of it, and know exactly where the problem lies.

It’s a safe bet that it will be patched fairly quickly.


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