Jumper Card: Extra Battery Life That Fits in Your Wallet (Review)

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The Jumper Card was one of those accessories that caught our attention right away. It’s a slim battery pack that plugs into your smartphone. It has three connectors: Lightning (iPhone 5 and later), 30-pin (older Apple devices) and Micro USB (most smartphones). You can plug in most smartphones with the exception of maybe some of the older models that didn’t use Micro USB. That said, most consumers have phones made within the last three or four years at this point.

We had a test unit sent to us, and decided to check it out.


Jumper Card is designed to be small and easy to carry. It’s roughly the size of a credit card. It fits in your wallet. We carried it around for the duration of our testing. We’d plug it into a computer (via USB) for charging. When it was done, we’d put it in our wallet. It will add some bulk, but not too much. My wallet is pretty slim, so it doesn’t bother me too much to put this in it. Especially if I find myself needing it at some point.

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As a Quick Charge

We were able to put it through a real-world trial at one point. I was driving with a friend, and he found himself with a near-dead smartphone. I told him to plug in and charge his phone. He gave it a shot. There is a three-way switch on the side: Off, charge, flashlight. When charging, set it to charge. You will see a little green light come on while it charges your device. It won’t give you a full-charge. It’s not designed to. This is for those times when your phone is almost dead and you need a quick little 10 percent boost in juice just to get you some extra talk time. Ideally, it’s going to be about 45 minutes to an hour of talk time. That does depend on your phone, though. Generally, you will be okay, and can make some calls. Just don’t use that extra battery to start browsing Facebook.

As a Charger

It also doubles as a great little desk charger. It works well with a MacBook, because you can plug into on of the side USB ports and connect your iPhone or iPad (or any other device) and charge it. It’s shorter than the stock iPhone cable and probably more durable. It also fits easily in a purse, pocket or backpack. While it’s charging your iPhone, the Jumper Card’s internal battery will charge, too. It will be ready to use. While doing this, it will also sync your device if you want it to.

As a Flashlight

One interesting feature of the Jumper Card is the LED flashlight on the side. Switch the three-way toggle to flashlight mode and you will get a very bright little LED flashlight. I learned this the hard way. Upon first receiving the unit, I was checking it out as I walked to my apartment. I accidentally turned the toggle to flashlight while the LEDs were pointing straight at my. Yup. It’s bright.


Currently, it’s still an IndieGogo campaign. It’s getting a lot of traction, but with 36 days left, there is a long way to go. It surpassed its goal, but it will be interesting to see how well it gets funded. You can check it out here: IndieGogo – Jumper Card.



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