Report: Apple Ending iPad 2 Production

iPad 2 Black and White Models

According to reports, Apple may be planning to end iPad 2 production soon. This is after a three-year-run.

Apple would rather focus on models like the iPad mini. Still, this is just a rumor. The iPad 2 was fairly popular in recent years to those who wanted a lower-cost, but full-sized, iPad.

That said, the iPad 2 is beginning to show its age. It doesn’t have a display comparable to any of the other models, and anyone wanting a less expensive alternative can opt for a mini. Apple is probably much more interested in selling iPad minis than it is the aging iPad 2. Especially as it keeps updating features and operating systems and the iPad 2 has kept the same specs since 2011.

Perhaps we will find out for sure next time Apple updates the iPad.

[via MacRumors]

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