Rumor: Apple Going With Sapphire Displays for Next iPhone

iPhone 6 conpcets 2


Above: Just another iPhone concept

The Apple rumors continue to roll in. The iPhone maker is reportedly planning two iPhone models for this year. That’s not a surprise. However, this rumor alleges that Apple will go with a sapphire screen.

The new handset will supposedly come in a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch model. The new iPhone reportedly feature a higher pixel density. Something in the realm of 441ppi, which is much higher than the current 326ppi. That said, we do question the need for something that high. As it stands, the Retina display is higher density than the human eye should be able to detect anyway.

It’s also rumored that Apple will discontinue the iPhone 5C in favor of an iPhone 5S made from lower-cost materials. We partly believe that. Not so much that the iPhone 5C will be discontinued, but that Apple will turn the iPhone 5S into its 5C replacement in a similar way that it did with the iPhone 5.

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