Taco Bell is Making it Possible to Order From Your iPhone


Taco Bell, the official restaurant of college students and touring bands everywhere, wants to make it easier to order your food. This time, with an iPhone app.

Lately, I’ve given Taco Bell a try. It’s easy on the wallet, and it’s one of the few truly vegan-friendly options when you’re away from home. That said, ordering vegan foods when you live in South Texas can be tough. You tend to get strange looks and they almost always ask you three or four times to make sure you really don’t want meat or dairy with your tacos.

The cool thing about an app like this is that it gets rid of the human element. If I could just order my meal exactly the way I want it with no fuss. Just order, pay and eat.

It’s not available yet, but we read that it should be ready to go before the end of the year.

[via TUAW]

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