Wall Street Journal Interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook


The Wall Street Journal interviewed Apple CEO Tim Cook.

They asked Cook questions about company growth and innovation. Two things critics keep blasting the Cupertino folks about.

Here’s a small portion of the interview:

WSJ: You’ve said Apple will be entering new product categories in 2014. Does that include new improvements to existing products?

Cook: It goes to the heart of what is innovation. We’ve had a prolific period of innovation. We’ve had enormous new products over the last several months with the iPad Air, the iPad Mini with Retina display. We’ve had Mavericks (the new Macintosh operating system). We’ve had iOS 7. We’ve had iTunes Radio. Basically we re-did the entire Macintosh line. We came out with two phones at the same time for the first time ever with the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. And the dream of using your fingerprint for authentication has come true. Innovation at Apple is alive and well. But all of that being said, we can do more.

You can read more of it at Wall Street Journal.

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