Weird Rumor of the Day: Apple to Release 5.6-inch Phone Without iPhone Branding

iPhone 6 mock up

This just goes to show you how easy it is to start spreading strange rumors and ideas that just don’t make much sense. This one says that Apple plans to release a 5.6-inch smartphone, but it won’t carry the iPhone name.

It’s not the strangest rumor we’ve heard … wait. Yes, it is the strangest rumor we’ve heard. Even weirder than an Apple HDTV.

As MacRumors claims, it seems likely that Apple could release two versions of the iPhone. One would be a larger-screened handset (5.6-inch), and the other would be something closer to the current size at about 4.7 inches.

It’s certainly possible, but we will wait for some leaked parts that seem somewhat legitimate before we go with these.

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