App Developers Learn to Stay Relevant Even When Apple Introduces New iPhone Features

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As iOS evolves each year with every new iteration, Apple introduces new features and services to its mobile operating system. This is great for consumers, but it’s not always good news for developers who want their own apps to remain relevant. That’s just business. Still, a good developer knows how to keep their app appealing. How do developers compete, not only against others, but against Apple’s own iOS features? Some have found ways to keep their own apps interesting. Let’s take look at one of the best examples.

It’s no wonder this developer calls this app ‘Best Flashlight.’ As most iPhone users know, Apple introduced a built-in flashlight feature with iOS 7. In the past, using a flashlight in iOS used to mean going to the App Store, or turning on the video camera and turning the light on. That said, as soon as Apple brought Flashlight to the iPhone, anything on the App Store became pointless. Some developers just wouldn’t allow that to happen, so they decided to introduce features that make their flashlight app more useful than Apple’s. That’s where Best Flashlight comes in. Just have a look at its feature set:

- Instant On Light When App Activates
- Front Light With Video (Must Have)

– Strobe Light Effect with Speed Control

– Clap For Light On/Off Control
- Flip Device On/Off Control

– Multiple Tap Light On/Off
- Energy Saving Light

– Set Custom Light Timing
- Battery Indicator

It’s also cool because it’s free.

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We’re not really trying to endorse this app. We just want to give credit where it’s due. Instead of settling for a flashlight or figuring that everyone would just use the one included with iOS 7, these developers decided to add functionality such as a clap to power on/off, a strobe light, a zoom and more.

This really just goes to show that there is hope for developers whose once sought-after features become standard on the iPhone. All they have to do is figure out ways to make their app more appealing. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but if they really think hard about what they can implement that Apple hasn’t already, they can stay ahead of everyone else. We just hope that some developers take those things into consideration when they think that their app is no longer relevant.

You can check out Best Flash Light here. It’s free.

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