Apple Refunding Unintentional In-App Purchases

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Apple is sending out emails to iPhone and iPad owners whose kids “accidentally” made insane amounts of in-app purchases.

That said, the purchases are limited to those that were made recently and done so by a minor. We’ve always found this a bit interesting, because, sure, some kids may make the accidental purchase before they know what it is. However, I go back to the story of a seven-year-old kid I babysat a few years back. She’d often use the iPad as entertainment. You know how many in-app purchases she made? None. I told her, “Say no to those. They cost me real money.” She said, “Okay.” I never had an unauthorized purchase, despite all the free games she played that offered them (I know because I was often later deleting lame kids games from my iPad.) That said, it’s hard to believe that a 13-year-old kid would do this by accident. A four-year-old who isn’t yet able to read, or has no concept of money? Yeah. We can see that.

[via MacLife]

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