History Lesson: The Beginnings of the iPhone

Steve Jobs iPhone

Apple senior software engineer Greg Christie was part of the original software design team for the iPhone.

Back in February 2005, Jobs told Christie and his team that he had two choices: 1) Turn out an awesome concept fast, or 2) The project will go to someone else.

Well, that got Christie and his team to hustle and they delivered something that would later become iOS. Here’s a portion of the interview posted by Wall Street Journal (subscription required):

Mr. Christie’s team pored over details like the perfect speed for scrolling lists on the phone and the natural feel of bouncing back when arriving at the end of a list. He said his team “banged their head against the wall” over how to change text messages from a chronological list of individual messages to a series of separate ongoing conversations similar to instant messaging on a computer.

Well, anyone who doesn’t want to lose a project will make sure they get it right. Seems that’s what happened here.

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