Keeping Your iPhone Safe with Find My iPhone in iOS 7

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If you are using an iPhone or iPad, chances are you spent good money on it. You may want to ensure that it’s kept safe. You really don’t need to do anything, because once you log into your iCloud account with your iPhone or iPad, you can locate it with Find My iPhone.

With iOS 7, Apple added some new features that will help keep your device even safer from thieves. Someone who steals your iPhone cannot do any of the following without entering you Apple ID and Password:

 • Turn off Find My iPhone on your device.
• Erase your device.
• Reactivate and use your device.

This is great, because a thief can’t do anything to deactivate Find My iPhone short of turning it off. That said, it will pop back up on the grid as soon as they turn it back on. They will have to at some point if they want to use it or wipe it, and you will receive a notification when this happens.

Here’s how to ensure that Find My iPhone is turned on:

Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone.

It should be on. However, if it’s not. This is where you can turn it on. If anything, it’s a good idea to check this setting just to ensure that it’s activated and running on your iPhone.

Here are some screens:

Below, you will see that Find my iPhone is turned On.

find my iPhone


If you try to turn it off, you will be notified that you must enter your Apple ID password.iPhone, iP

enter pssword

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