Report: Apple Planning Retina MacBook Air for Later This Year

MacBook Air

According to a new rumor, Apple is planning a Retina Macbook Air for later this year.

This isn’t entirely surprising as it seems Apple wants to update its entire line of computers and devices to have a Retina display. Recently, Apple replaced the iPad 2 with the Retina iPad (which also includes a Lightning connector). Now, Apple’s iOS product line is made up of devices with Retina displays. We can see Apple wanting to do the same to its laptops.

The rumor comes from none other than DigiTimes (via MacRumors), and while we’re often critical of DigiTimes, this one actually sounds like something Apple would want to do. As with all these rumors, they come from supply chain sources.

We’ve also heard rumors of a slim 12-inch laptop with a Retina display. It’s possible that this is the laptop DigiTimes is talking about.


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