Well, That’s a Bummer: 8GB iPhone 5C Won’t come to US

iPhone 5C

Apple won’t bring the iPhone 5C 8GB to the US, the Cupertino company has confirmed.

Despite its European launch this morning, the handset is limited to select countries where LTE is still emerging and consumers need a more affordable option.

According to some reports, this is also a response to iPhone 5C sales figures. The handset hasn’t done nearly as well as Apple had anticipated, we’ve heard. The iPhone 5S is still the top-selling handset. That said, we always thought of this as just an iPhone 5 replacement with a nice color scheme. We didn’t think of it as something intended to pull in iPhone 5S numbers. Rather, Apple’s low-cost option for those not wanting to splurge on Apple’s latest-greatest technology.

[via CultofMac]

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