iPhone 6: New Rumor Claims Apple’s Next iPhone Will Come in Two Version as Two Separate Launches

iPhone 6 render


Above: iPhone 6 render based on rumored design.

This is one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” things. According to a new report, Apple plans to release two iPhones. One is a 4.7-inch device beginning production in July and the other is a 5.5-inch version with production beginning in September.

While we keep hearing rumors of a larger iPhone, it’s odd to hear that Apple would want to hold two separate launches. This would also make for two launch announcements and events. Something about that just doesn’t sound right. That said, Apple has been known to switch things up from time-to-time. The Cupertino company used to launch iPhones in the summer, now they are fall releases. The iPad usually came early in the year, now it also releases in the fall, just before the holiday season.

In other words, Apple isn’t exactly opposed to shifting release schedules around, but we imagine there’d have to be a very good reason.

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