Rumors: What We Know About Apple’s Upcoming Press Conference

iPhone 6

On September 9 Apple is set to announce its new line of products. More specifically, Apple should be revealing the next round of iPhones. If all goes as the rumors suggest, we should see Apple’s iPhone 6. That’s the next handset in line from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

However, as with any new iPhone announcement, there are always mounds of speculation as to what we will see from the upcoming handset. Let’s take a look at some of the rumors, because if what we are all hearing is true, a phone may not be the only thing we see from Apple this week.

1) Larger iPhone

One of the biggest rumors surrounding the next iPhone is the larger size. Many have been wanting a larger iPhone for some time (Though I prefer something that fits in my pocket over a phone that rivals my iPad in size.). Still, if people demand it, chances are it will happen. That’s what we’re seeing here.  That is, of course, if this new handset is real. At this point, we’re sure it is.

2) Two Sizes

According to current rumors the next iPhone will come in two sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. By the sound of it, one will be considered the more “introductory” iPhone model (kind of like the iPhone 5c was) while the other is the cool, deluxe model (as the iPhone 5s is right now.). That’s just based on what we’ve heard here and there. We will know for sure in a few days. Of course the updated sizes for both models also means a new case design. We’ve been hearing that it will have more rounded corners on the back.


3) iOS 8 Gets a Release Date

iOS 8

Of course we will have to learn a release date for iOS 8. It’s Apple’s latest mobile operating system, and it will have to come along before the iPhone 6. Expect Apple to announce a release date, and expect it to be very soon.


4) Sapphire Glass Display

There’s a lot of talk of a sapphire glass display for Apple’s latest handset. We have read, however, that this will only be part of the larger model. We don’t know how true any of that is, but it would be a nice addition to the iPhone as Sapphire glass is much more durable than what’s currently available on the iPhone. It’s more scratch resistant, and may even be less prone to shatter when dropped. We’re not experts or authorities on glass, but we’ve read some good things.


6) Yosemite Gets a Release


We also expect Yosemite to get a release date. If anything, Apple may at least give us a window. Because of the increased integration between iOS and OS X, this sort of thing is becoming more important with each new release. Apple wants us using both its mobile and desktop operating systems. The sooner Yosemite launches, the more unified the experience becomes for everyone. thanks to the update in feature sets.

7) iPhone 6 Gets a Release Date

Of course this is obvious, but just in case anyone missed it, this is a press conference about the next iPhone. Apple will be announcing the iPhone 6 at this press conference, and Apple doesn’t tend to play around with announcements. When the folks at Cupertino say something is doing, they don’t wait six or seven months to release it. They do so a week or two later. It helps maintain public interest, pulling those buyers in when they are still excited about the new announcements.

8) iWatch 

iWatch concept

The long-rumored iWatch may finally become a reality this year. It’s about time, because we’ve been hearing a whole lot, but seeing nothing. Of course we can’t blame Apple. This is more thanks to the websites and blogs that kept spreading information. We include ourselves in that, but at this point it’s hard to turn back on this rumor. We’ve heard so much about the iWatch that it’s very likely a real thing, and happening — at least in the form of an announcement — this week.


Other Rumors Worth Mentioning, But Not As Likely

There are a few other rumors that we can at the very least keep on the lookout for. One of the bigger ones is that Apple may update the iPad Air. If this is the case, we can expect the iPad Air 2, or some variation of it. We’ve also heard that Touch ID will receive some sort of update or upgrade. While that’s entirely possible, we don’t know if we will hear about it. Seems like the kind of thing that may just go on in the background — better sensor, but nothing that gets much mention, if any.


Will You be Watching?

Will you be watching Apple’s press event to see what the folks in Cupertino announce? We’ve seen several of these, but it’s always somewhat exciting to see new hardware. Still, nothing beats seeing these things for the first time and not knowing anything about the products before they launch. That said, there is always that curious part of us, that needs-to-know sense of wanting to keep up with the latest news that will always make it hard to ignore the new rumors.

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