iSmashPhone Resale Value Charts: iPhone Resale Value, Android Resale Value

We’ve compiled a list of popular handsets and have found the resale values of the various devices.

This is meant as a guide to help readers keep tabs on the resale and trade-in values of many popular Android phones and iPhone models. We will keep it updated as phones hit the 6-month and 12-month marks. We will also update for new phones.

Please know that as with anything that is resold. Values can change, and there is never a set number. Think of this chart as more of a guideline to help you get a ballpark figure of what you may be able to expect for selling your phone from some of these services.

Currently, it seems that iPhones definitely retain more value than competitors. It’s also interesting to take a look at the difference in value between AT&T and Verizon iPhones on Amazon. This is likely due to the chipset in the AT&T phone, which is GSM and more widely used around the world. However, HTC holds prices better than Motorola handsets. A look at the Droid X will show you that Amazon will pay peanuts for a 3G phone that isn’t an iPhone. Keep in mind that Amazon’s goal is to resell them and profit, so they will naturally buy at a lower price. The convenience is that you don’t have to deal directly with someone. Send it to Amazon, get money or credit and forget about it.

iPhone Handset and Release Date

iPhoneLaunch Price Contract/No ContractResale Price (6 Months) Amazon/Ebay/CraigslistResale Price (12 Months+) Amazon/Ebay/Craigslist
$599/N/A June ’07N/A$50 (Updated Sept 2012)
iPhone 3G
$199/$599 June ’08N/A$40-$50 (Updated Sept 2012)
iPhone 3GS
$199/$599 June ’09N/A$60-$100 - 8GB (There doesn't seem to be much difference between 8 and 16GB, but some 32GB go up to about $150) (Updated Sept 2012)
iPhone 4 AT&T
$199/$599 June ’10N/A$150-$160 - 16GB / $230-$260 - 32GB (Updated Sept 2012)
iPhone 4 Verizon
$199/$599 Feb ’11N/A$130 - 8GB / $150 - 16GB/ $160-$180 - 32GB(Updated Sept 2012)
iPhone 4S AT&T

$199/$599 Oct 11N/A$300 - 16GB / $325-$360 32GB / $400 - 64GB (Updated Sept 2012)
iPhone 4S Verizon

$199/$599 Oct 11N/A$280-$290 - 16GB / $300 - 32GB / $360 - 64GB (Updated Sept 2012)
iPhone 4S Sprint
$199/$599 Oct 11N/A-- / $276 - 32GB/ $350 - 64GB(Updated Sept 2012)
iPhone 5 AT&T

$199/$599 Sept 12N/AN/A
iPhone 5 Sprint

$199/$599 Sept 12N/AN/A
iPhone 5 Verizon

$199/$599 Sept 12N/AN/A

Android Handset and Release Date

Android Handset and Release DateLaunch Price Contract/No ContractResale Price (6 Months) Amazon/Ebay/CraigslistResale Price (12 Months+) Amazon/Ebay/Craigslist
$200/$549 June ’10N/A$66 / $200 / $200-$300
HTC ThunderBolt
$199/$449 March '11--/$380/$350N/A
$199/$549 June ’11N/AN/A
HTC Droid Incredible 2
$199/$439 April ’11$151/$230/N/AN/A
HTC Sensation 4G
$199/$549 June ’11N/AN/A
Samsung Droid Charge
$300/$629 May ’11--/$300/$250N/A
Samsung Epic 4G
$250/$499 Aug ’11N/AN/A
Samsung Galaxy S
$199/$499 June ’10N/A$67/$170/$150
Samsung Galaxy S II
MyTouch 4G
$99/$399 Nov ’10N/A/$200/$250N/A
MyTouch 4G Slide
$199/$499 July ’11N/AN/A
Motorola Atrix 4G
$199/$499 March ’11$105/$300/$300N/A
Motorola Droid X
$199/$569 July ’10N/A$1/$100/N/A
Motorola Droid X2
$199/$599 May ‘11N/A/$200/$250/$180N/A

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