WWDC 08 Live Coverage on Monday – June 9th

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2:51 PM:

Apple’s secret vault

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2:50 PM:

The end.

2:49 PM:

Steve Jobs just said that the iPhone 3G will be out July 11.

2:48 PM:

Steve just played the new commercial for the iPhone 3G and is now bringing up the designers.

2:47 PM:

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2:46 PM:

There will be a white model of the iPhone 3G.

2:45 PM:


300 FOR THE 16GB!!!!

2:44 PM:

"We think we can check off more countries" – Steve Jobs

(a total of 70 countries)

2:43 PM:

South America… Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech, Switzerland, Leigch, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Turkey

2:42 PM:

They’re playing "It’s a Small World" and they are displaying which countries will have the new iPhone with 3G…you already know which countries through all the news on international deals.

2:41 PM:


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2:40 PM:

The 3G iPhone’s standby is 300 hours. 2G talk time is up to 10 hours from 8 hours. 3G talk time is 5 hours. Browsing, 5-6 hours of 3G browsing. Video is 7 hours, and audio is 24 hours.

2:39 PM:

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2:38 PM:

GPS is in!

2:34 PM:

Here it is

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2:32 PM:

Jobs is discussing the device’s design…

Same sized screen

Thinner at the edges

Flush headphone jack!!

Improved audio!

Solid metal buttons

2:31 PM:

Steve Jobs just said that they need to make the iPhone more affordable…is it gonna be subsidized?!?!

2:30 PM:


2:29 PM:

Steve Jobs is back on stage and he’s kissing up the iPhone talking about 90% customer satisfaction etc etc…

He’s announcing sales numbers and the anticipation is building up…

Ready for something big…

2:27 PM:

MobileMe is $99/year. Same as .Mac

2:25 PM:

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2:24 PM:

"I can run this on a Mac or PC — you might guess which my favorite is. I’m going to launch my favorite browser — which happens to be Safari. Just log right in."

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2:20 PM:

Mobile Me allows you to integrate your computer, mobile device, photographs, and everything all together in one service (this is the re amped version of .Mac).

Called it!

What a service…hmm..what’s the price gonna be?

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2:18 PM:

Mobile Me

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2:15 PM:

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2:14 PM:

Mobile Me offers push email and push contacts. "Exchange for the rest of us"

He called Microsoft’s Active Sync "Active Stink" (lol).

2:13 PM:

Jobs just announced a new service "completely new" called Mobile Me.

2:12 PM:

This was showed a few minutes ago..Scientific Calculator

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2:11 PM:

Steve Jobs just announced that there will be apps that can run exclusively for employers of a specific company.

2:09 PM:

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Big News

Software update free for iPhone users (to update)

$9.95 for iPod Touch (to update)

2:08 PM:

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2:07 PM:

Added many languages (including Chinese and Japanese languages).

Furthermore, you can manually draw characters for Chinese/Japanese!

2:06 PM:


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2:05 PM:

Full iWork documents were just announced! We called it!

(Full support of Excel, Powerpoint, Word for Windows users as well!)


2:03 PM:

He just showed off Windows Mobile’s Task Manager – everyone laughed intensely (iPhone lovers bashing Windows as always – rightfully so?:))

2:01 PM:

That’s it for the developers.

1:57 PM:

Next App: Digital Legends Entertainment


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1:56 PM:

Next App: MIM Vista

This app is for medical images (CT scans, PET scans, Xrays, etc…)…pretty amazing!

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1:55 PM:

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1:53 PM:

Modality helps you to learn and understand medicine

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1:51 PM:

Next App: Epocrates Software

Modality: A medical application (he made a joke saying "what other phone can do this" and everyone was cracking up for like 15 seconds)

1:51 PM:

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1:50 PM:

Next App:


Amazing!! This MLB app allows you to watch highlights in real time! Wow!

1:48 PM:

App: Cow Music

Has some awesome music capabilities

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1:47 PM:

Pangea screenshots

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1:45 PM:

Next Up: "Very interesting insurance application that you wouldn’t expect"

1:44 PM:

Also from Pangea, 3D Caveman Racing Game (both this and Enigmo are ported from Mac OS X – the developer is currently kissing up to Apple for making such a great device that supports their games)

Cost: $9.99 each

1:41 PM:

Next up: Pangea Software

Enigmo (physics based puzzle game) – completely touch and accelerometer based game

1:40 PM:

TypePad Screenshot

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1:39 PM:

Next App: Associated Press

web app: www.apnews.com

Now they’re having a native iPhone app.

1:36 PM:

Loopt screenshot

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1:36 PM:

New App: TypePad

Yay TypePad! TypePad is a blog editing software (which is used for iSmashPhone 🙂 ) and it’s now available for the iPhone in a "photo blogging" software.

1:35 PM:

New App: Loopt

A location aware social network which places pins on the map where your friends are located. Very cool.

Received great applause.

1:33 PM:

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1:32 PM:

New App: eBay "Auctions"

It optimizes eBay for your iPhone so you can have the full live auctions of eBay at your mobile-fingertips.

Probably to be free.

1:31 PM:

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1:30 PM:

Update: $9.99

A bunch of developers are on stage and they are going to sample various applications (Sega’s game demo was a success)

1:28 PM:

SEGA is coming on stage to to sample "Super Monkey Ball" – a game with 119 stages!

1:27 PM:

The app he just sampled allows you to filter your contacts by distance (i.e. contacts within a 2 mile range) – NEW FEATURE!

1:26 PM:

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1:25 PM:

Long story short – he created a fully functional location based application and loaded it onto his iPhone all in under 10 minutes.

1:23 PM:

Note: You need a Mac to run any of these development tools. www.developer.apple.com/

1:21 PM:

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1:20 PM:

If you are not technical it is very boring right now. But it’s all about technology right now, so regular users can enjoy a better platform.

They are discussing APIs – Cocoa Touch, xCode, Interface Builder, and iPhone Simulator.

1:19 PM:

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1:18 PM:

So far the presentation is almost the same as the SDK road map presentation from March 6th 2008.

1:17 PM:

It seems that "iPhone 2.0" will be the official name.

1:16 PM:

Scott Forestall starting to talk about the SDK. About to show off new apps.

1:16 PM:

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1:14 PM:

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is now official.

1:13 PM:

We hear a lot that Apple doesn’t care about enterprise – but hey, that’s how the superceleb chose to open up his Keynote – so in my opinion, Apple cares about enterprise quite a bit.

1:12 PM:

Steve Jobs is focusing on Enterprise first.

1:11 PM:

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1:10 PM:

Steve Jobs announced that Snow Leopard (10.6) will be discussed after lunch.

1:09 PM:

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1:08 PM:

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1:07 PM:

Steve Jobs on stage!

1:06 PM:

Note: First time ever there are overflow rooms present at the WWDC. It’s sold out! It’s a developer’s conference not a rock concert!!

1:05 PM:

They just announced "please turn off all cell phones"

1:04 PM:

Everyone is standing and applauding.

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1:02 PM :

Al Gore has been spotted!

1:01 PM:

F.Y.I. – the info getters (B. Lam from Giz) dressed commando style live bloggin the WWDC.

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12:59 PM:

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12:57 PM:

3 minutes to go!

Spotted Mossberg in the ‘box seats’.

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12:55 PM:

There are 2 iMacs on stage – whether its regular Leopard or "Snow" is unknown. There will be lots of Mac OS talk today (obviously).

12:53 PM:

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Everyone is in.

12:50 PM :

Surprise, surprise. Apple’s tentacles reach so far that it even managed to crash a completely unconnected liveblogging service CoverItLive.

No worries – we’ll be live blogging the old fashion way.

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